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A collection of ready to use, well-documented, open-source shaders. You can use them to add effects to your existing shader-enabled 3D engine (games, CAD, scientific visualization...). They can be used in both open-source and commercial programs.

I have encountered a problem during the development of the grass shader; the problem is described in a post on

(the presented source code may be a little different from the one released on codeplex, but they have the same bug)

At a very basic level the shader is working, but there may be a sort of driver problem with my developmente machine. I need people to test the shader on different configurations, so maybe we will understand what's going on in the GPU. It shouldn't be completely my fault, since with the reference device everything is going fine.

I also started the development of the other shaders; I will try to release as soon as I can 10 HLSL shaders for DirectX 9; those marked with an X are already in development and they are more or less running fine.

X Grass shader
X Fur shader (concentric shell method)
X Normal mapping
X Parallax mapping
X Water reflection normal mapping
Water reflection parallax mapping
X Glass (normal/reflection/refraction) shader
X Edge detection
Vertex motion blur

Hopefully I will also be able to prepare a decent source package, with included the Visual C++ Express project file, and add it to the CodePlex repository.

Thanks for downloading the grass shader! Come back soon, you won't be disappointed!

Dario :-)

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